Facing Race Week 2022

The NWU Facing Race Week took place from 11 to 14 April 2022 and brought together staff and students to talk about societal issues, including race and inequality. This is an annual event on all three campuses with workshops, performances by artists and virtual and physical exhibitions. Hosted by the Faculty of Humanities, the event served as a moment to reflect on the university’s ongoing journey towards transformation.

South African artist, Oupa Sibeko, did a performance with the title QUALITY / INEQUALITY. Sibeko is an interdisciplinary artist whose work moves between theatrical, visual, scholarly, and other public contexts, dealing with matter and politics. He emphasizes the importance of being more accepting of reality, whatever comes our way, we need to accept it as it is. We need to create from within and honour ourselves and the ones who have allowed our path towards equality and quality to manifest.

With exhibition installations in the foyers of all campus libraries, LIS staff and students had the opportunity to be part of this performance.


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