Mafikeng colleague passed away

canadia-musiIt is with sadness that we inform you of the passing on of Mrs Canadia Musi, Faculty Librarian: Education on the Mafikeng Campus.  Canadia has not been well for quite some time.  She passed away on Monday afternoon (9 October).

Our sincere condolences to her family and colleagues at the Mafikeng Library.


International Literacy Day at Vanderbijlpark

The Vanderbijlpark Library celebrated International Literacy Day on 8 September 2017 by getting students to use their search talents to do a book hunt and word puzzle.

Book Hunt:

From 10:00 – 13:00 students who visited the Library took part in the book hunt by collecting a list of books from the library staff. They had to use their knowledge of the Library search system to find as many books that were on the list as possible. The top six with the most books ‘collected’ won a prize! The theme for this year was Literacy in a Digital World, and with this theme in mind, the hunt brought together the use of both digital and physical smarts.


  • The list contained a set of titles of books, as well as the author.
  • The student needed to use the Library search system in order to find the call number of the book.
  • The next part involved a little exercise, as the student had to find the book on the shelf.
  •  Once the book is found (do not take the book off the shelf). They had to take a selfie, pointing to the correct book (The funnier the photo the better!)
  • Once the time is up, they had to ‘hand in’ their evidence to see if they managed to find all the books!
  • The top six students who found the most books won a prize!

Word Puzzle

The Library staff draw up 2 boards with letters and students had to form words using those letters.  They had to come up with a minimum of 15 words in one minute.    The students were then awarded with a price (pen/sweets/bookmark/note pad -small).

There were two boards that contained only library terms.  Students had to circle the words on the board that the library staff call on.  They then had to find five words in one minute in order to be awarded. Glenda,Tiny, Siyabonga, Pearsley and Daniel assisted with the drawing board.

The students enjoyed the activities and some of them requested that the library need to do it more often.


Ferdinand Postma Library: Second floor renovation

Progress of construction on 2nd floor.

The project is progressing according to plan.  We apologise for the noise in the library! We have liaised with the contractors to do the “noisy work” immediately at the start of the project and not during the final exams in October/November.  Therefore bear with us please.


Progress report:

  • Book shelves were covered with PVC sheeting
  • Cables of electrical, data, telephone, fire and other equipment were removed
  • The large journal counter was dismantled
  • 90% of the dry walls were removed
  • Old carpets and vinyl flooring were removed
  • Wall tiles of 3 bathrooms on the second floor were removed – this created the loud and continuous banging noise…  they will start with the floor tiles today (15/9)
  • All the plumbing was disconnected & removed

International Literacy Day (08 September 2017)

North-West University Library Potchefstroom celebrated International Literacy Day with a fun activity for the students. This gave the students an opportunity to learn about the library’s facilities and resources. A scavenger hunt was planned and QR codes were incorporated to raise awareness of digital literacy in accordance with this year’s theme of International Literacy Day: Literacy in a digital world. Students who participated in the event were very enthusiastic and mentioned that they learnt more about the library as this was not just as fun activity, but one that had a literacy value.


The prizes up for the taking were sponsored by Wiley.    In collaboration with the Faculty of Law, the scavenger hunt was also incorporated to the Amazing Race activity for the 2nd year Criminal law students.


Students taking a selfie with Meisie Makauza in the Education Sciences Library
Dina Mashiyane handing over some Wiley book prizes
Law students taking part in the scavenger hunt

Digital Humanities Conference August 2017


Erika Rood, Manager: Information Services Potchefstroom had the opportunity to attend the Annual Digital Humanities Conference 2017 at the McGill University in Montrèal, Canada. The NWU Research Unit for Languages and Literature in the South African Context provided funding and some of their staff joined her in attending the conference.  The conference was attended by delegates from different disciplines including researchers, lecturers, students, librarians, archivists, computer scientists, statisticians and academic administrators.

DHASA (Digital Humanities Association of Southern Africa) also joined the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) during this conference.

The program included 17 workshops, about 100 sessions, 2 poster sessions with more than 100 posters and during lunch Special Interest Group meetings (eg. DH and Libraries).

Some of the issues discussed were privacy, visualisation software, decolonization and DH methodologies and projects. The closing keynote address delivered by Elizabeth Guffey aptly examined issues of disability and access -Access being the theme of DH2017.

The insight gained from attending this conference will add to the growing interest and knowledge needed to support Digital Humanities Initiatives at the NWU.

Staff News

Congratulations to the following staff members who were appointed recently:

wendy-matlou Windy Matlou
Temporary Administrative Assistant in Rouxshane Bosman’s position. Rouxshane is on maternity leave.
sakhele-magodla Sakhele Magodla
Library Assistant: Information Services from 01 September 2017

There are currently 4 vacancies at Potchefstroom Library:

  • Shelver: Loan Services (successful candidate to commence duty on 1 October)
  • Assistant Librarian: Information Services (will be advertised shortly)
  • Administrative Officer (Half day position): Loan Services (will be advertised shortly)
  • Administrative Assistant: Administration

All vacancies are advertised on the NWU vacancy web page:

NWU Libraries Celebrate International Literacy Day


Join North-West University Library Services in celebrating International Literacy Day on 8 September 2017. This global annual event aims to highlight the importance of literacy for both young and old. This year’s theme Literacy in a Digital World, emphasises the importance of developing digital literacy skills, so as to enhance the participation of individuals in the digital citizenship. Since 21st-century information is available in multiple formats, it is essential for our society to equip ourselves with the relevant skills that will enable us to navigate the overwhelming amount of information at our disposal.

To celebrate International Literacy Day, we invite you to go on an adventure that will allow you to explore our libraries’ facilities and resources. There are various prizes up for the taking and all you need to do is to join in the fun!




MAIG-Seminar-2017.jpgErika Rood and Louise Vos attended a MAIG Seminar:  Marketing and Advocacy for Librarians, tips of the trade on Friday 18 August at the University of Pretoria.  MAIG (Marketing & Advocay Interest Group) aims to support and unitw library staff interested in marketing and advocating Library and Information Services in South Africa.   In a presentation by Theuns Kotze, lecturer at UP:  Marketing your library on a shoestring, he shared ideas on how the library can market library services with a small budget.  He emphasised that we need to understand users’ needs, tailor library services to assist users in every step of the research process, and effectively communicate our services to them.  Ina Smith, LIASA Librarian of the Year 2016 did a presentation on Digital Marketing tips, Tools & Tricks for Librarians.  René Schoombee, LIASA Librarian of the Year 2007 shared practical examples of next level marketing initiatives.

Theology Librarians Workshop, Kenya

Hester Lombard, Branch Librarian at Theology, attended the NetACT Multi-School Library Resource Project Planning workshop from 2-7 July at Scott Christian University, Machakos, Kenya.  The librarian workshop was held simultaneously with the NetACT annual general meeting.  NetACT (Network for African Congregational Theology) assist their member institutions with developing congregational theology, leadership and governance.  The management of NetACT identified access to information at the African universities as a problem, and arranged this library workshop for 16 Theology librarians.  Six of the attendees were South Africans, and the other librarians were from other countries in Africa.  During the workshop a web portal was developed to provide theology students of universities who are members of NetACT, with information.