LIS staff publication

Take note of an article published by Ms Neli Kaunda (LIS Director Shared Services) and Mr Sabelo Chizwina (former LIS staff member) in the latest edition of Journal of Access Services:  Providing access to students with print disabilities: The case of the North-West University in South Africa

Abstract:  Academic libraries should be accessible to all students and relevant stakeholders. Students with print disabilities are found in many universities worldwide. This article examines the services and tools that are available at the North-West University (NWU) in South Africa. Literature was used to identify how services, signage, and tools that should be included in an academic library to ensure access for all. The study found that the NWU had limitations in terms of material and assistive technologies. A legislative framework promoting information access for the disabled people was explored. Recommendations are for partnerships to improve material and access to resources.


Academic paper published by NWU Library Staff


The latest academic paper to be published by NWU Library staff members is on the use of Social Media at the NWU Library during the #FeesMustFall Campaign.

Published by the “Library Review”, the article is titled ”A university library’s use of social media during a time of crisis”. The purpose of the paper is to highlight how NWU Library used Facebook and Twitter to inform, educate and communicate with library users during the students’ protests, #FeesMustFall Campaign.

The paper provides insights that the teaching and learning (educational) aspect still lags behind on social media usage in libraries. Given the period in question, the expectation would have been a higher percentage of posts that could be categorized as educational.

The link to the online first version of the article has been provided to the authors at: (to access the abstract) (to access the fulltext. Limited to the first 50 people at the moment)