Ferdinand Postma Library book launch and celebration of spaces

Celebration of spaces

The NWU LIS celebrated the completion of a 6-year renovation project of the Ferdinand Postma Library and launched a book about the history of the library recently.

During an event on 14 June 2018 in the Ferdinand Postma Library, Ms Neli Kaunda, LIS Director Shared Services, gave an overview of the refurbishment period.  She paid tribute to the LIS staff for their hard work and also conveyed gratitude to PIP for their role and support during this process.

The renovation process started in 2011 under the visionary direction of Dr Tom Larney – previous Director Library Services, Potchefstroom.  The 67-year-old building needed a makeover and spaces had to be repurposed according to current user needs.   After a long period of consultation, planning and going through a budgetary process, the construction started on 2012.  In the years to follow, a research and an honours commons were established in 2014 as dedicated spaces to meet the needs of postgraduates and researchers.  In 2015 the groundfloor received a face-lift, accompanied by an information commons to cater for the needs of undergraduates.  The 2nd floor was renovated in 2017, adding a quiet study area with 232 extra seats and the 1st floor has just been completed.  The role of the library in the research, teaching and learning environment was emphasized by Dr Mathew Moyo, Chief Director Library and Information Service, and valued by Dr Franciska Bothma, Executive Advisor to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Teaching and Learning.

Book launch

Ferdinand Postma Library HistoryA book about the history of the library:  Ferdinand Postma Library: Keys to the past, gateway to the future, was also launched.  In this book,  Dr Tom Larney documented the library’s history from 1869 – 2018.  Prof Fika J van Rensburg (DVC Potchefstroom Campus) mentioned in the foreword of the book:  “For many years the Ferdinand Postma Library was, and will be for many years to come, a memorable landmark on the campus, symbolising hard word, long hours, learning research and ultimately success.  With its architecture (as the first modern, post-war building of the University), it is still today an important beacon and showpiece of growth and academic development of the University.  It has positioned itself excellently to not only contribute to the information era, but to pioneer library and information services.”

The book is available as e-book on Boloka, the NWU Institutional Repository in Afrikaans and English.

Afr: http://hdl.handle.net/10394/28122
Eng: http://hdl.handle.net/10394/28121

NWU Library Book Launch
Attending the event are Ms Elsa Esterhuizen (former LIS Director Potchefstroom), Dr Mathew Moyo (Chief Director Library and Information Service), Dr Tom Larney (former LIS Director Potchefstroom), Ms Neli Kaunda (LIS Director Shared Services) and Dr Franciska Bothma (Executive Advisor to the DVC for Teaching and Learning).

Ferdinand Postma Library: Second floor renovation

Progress of construction on 2nd floor.

The project is progressing according to plan.  We apologise for the noise in the library! We have liaised with the contractors to do the “noisy work” immediately at the start of the project and not during the final exams in October/November.  Therefore bear with us please.


Progress report:

  • Book shelves were covered with PVC sheeting
  • Cables of electrical, data, telephone, fire and other equipment were removed
  • The large journal counter was dismantled
  • 90% of the dry walls were removed
  • Old carpets and vinyl flooring were removed
  • Wall tiles of 3 bathrooms on the second floor were removed – this created the loud and continuous banging noise…  they will start with the floor tiles today (15/9)
  • All the plumbing was disconnected & removed

Mafikeng Campus Library Renovation

Dear colleagues/students

This serves as a notice to all library users that some sections of the library floors will be closed during the forthcoming refurbishment work which will commence on 25 August 2016. The work will be performed in two phases as follows:

  • Phase one: Refurbishment of the North Wing of the Ground floor and the 1st floor;
  • Phase two: Construction of the Research Commons for Honours, Masters and Doctoral students, and the Refurbishment of the South Wing of the 1st floor.mafikeng-campus-library.jpg

The first phase is envisaged to end at the end of September 2016, while the refurbishment of the South Wing of the 1st floor shall end at the end of October 2016. The construction of the Research Commons will end around the end of April 2017.

We appeal to all users to bear with us during the said period of the refurbishment of the Library and the construction of the Research Commons. We are every effort to ensure that disruption to normal service is minimal.

The lower ground floor, which includes the law library and the 24 hour study centre, is not part of the refurbishment project, and will therefore be available for normal use, in addition to the study venues available in faculties. We also encourage staff and students to borrow required books few days before the onset of the project in order to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

Message issued by: Library Management