Libraries in Action: Transformation and Development towards 2030


Martin Nokoane of the Library Services (PC) attended the 17th Annual LIASA Conference which was held at the Durban ICC, from the 10- 14 October 2016.  The theme of the conference was Libraries in Action: Transformation and Development towards 2030.

Not only was Martin attending the conference, he also delivered a paper on the topic:  New role for librarians: empowering the community by responding to the social responsibility plea.  The paper showcased what was done in 2016 by the NWU Library Services on Potchefstroom Campus in relation to community engagement in our area, thereby making the library visible to the community.  Through community engagement the university stop to function as a silo and align itself to the South African slogan: “together we can do more”.

The conference was very informative and LIASA was challenged to also play a role to find solutions to the #fees must fall campaign.

The Children’s Home says thank you!

The Library has received these photos from Abraham Kriel Child & Youth Care Centre following the donation of children’s and youth books.  The expression on the children’s faces tell the whole story.


Letter from the Abraham Kriel Child & Youth Care Centre:

“Books give a soul to the Universe
Wings to the wind
Flight to the imagination, and
Life to everything”

Our children were transported into a world of fantasy and delight when they were able to select a book of their very own choice. This experience was made possible by the most generous and thoughtful gift of all. The study groups also received a stack of books.

The sheer joy on the children’s faces will hopefully reflect in the pictures attached. Thank you for the fantastic, colourful, cool, carefully chosen books. Be assured that this gift of love will be opened again and again.

May you be blessed with this project of outreach.

Library engagement with Seiphemelo School

Apart from the recent donation to Abraham Kriel Child & Youth Care Centre, the Library Services of the Potchefstroom Campus recently donated 2 computers to Seiphemelo Secondary School in Ikageng.  Ms Louise Vos from the Library said that during a previous visit they were impressed with the neat and well organised library, but there were no computers where children can do their assignments or retrieve information.  Ms  Beauty Ratshidi, the school librarian indicated that the school welcomes any kind of assistance that will ensure that the school library remains  relevant and functional.  Mr Morajane, Education Specialist for School Libraries from the Department of Basic Education said that the donation may seem to be small, but he believes it will make a big impact on the lives of the learners.  Mr Martin Nokoane from the Library explained that educational software had been loaded onto each computer which will support and enhance teaching and learning.  He confirms that this donation is part of the NWU Library community engagement, to reach out to the community and to make the University visible, to establish relationships and to give back to the community in various ways.


Library donates computers to child and youth care centre

“I sincerely hope that we will be able to make a difference.” This is what the new director of Library Services on the Potchefstroom Campus, Ms Neli Kaunda, said when they donated eight computers to the Abraham Kriel Child and Youth Care Centre.

The donation is part of the library’s outreach programme to the community in order to promote access to information. “As university we have a passion for the well-being of our community, and in the digital era in which we live it is important for children to be exposed to that information.” Ms Louise Vos from the library said that this need had been identified after a visit to the children’s home, especially when they realised that there was only one computer per house available for learners. Each house on the premises has about 25 residents. Ms Daphne van Rensburg, head of the education programme at the children’s home, said that three years ago she had started to help the children to improve their schoolwork. “There are 220 learners who are in sixteen different schools in the city. There is already a major improvement in learners’ school performance. We focus mainly on reading, mathematics and languages.”

Van Rensburg said that the computers will definitely make a major difference in the lives of the children. “Computers are part of our future and it is important especially to school leavers, because it will help them to prepare for the future.” Mnr Lourens van Niekerk from Abraham Kriel said that everyone there has a passion for what they do, but that they also have to stay between certain boundaries, and that the data usage of every computer is very limited.

Mr Louw Venter from the library explained that quite a lot of educational programme content had been loaded onto each computer, which will make research for school assignments much easier without the need to find the information on the internet.
Kaunda also said that the library will make further donations of Afrikaans fiction books.
The library will soon make a similar donation to the Seiphemelo School in Ikageng.

Abraham Kriel skenking_0016

On the left is the management staff of the Abraham Kriel Child and Youth Care Centre, Messrs Lourens van Niekerk, Christie Saayman and Ms Annelien Yzelle. On the right is the staff of the Ferdinand Postma Library, Mss Louise Vos and Neli Kaunda, and Messrs Louw Venter, Martin Nokoane and Sakhele Magodla.

[Article: Potchefstroom Campus News]