Book exhibitions at Mafikeng

book-exhibition-2.pngEach year the Mafikeng library organises book exhibitions that are aimed at encouraging the involvement of the academic community in the development of the collection. The event grows bigger each year as it is becoming a norm that the academics not only look forward to, but plan on as well. This is also an opportunity for the faculty librarians to engage with the faculty members in terms of identifying their information needs and the gaps in the collection.

To ensure Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA), students, particularly Masters’, Doctoral and Post Docs are also invited to participate in the selection of books related to their areas of study. The vendors who exhibited their collections and supplied books focusing on various disciplines included Van Schaik Bookstores, Vuga, Best Books, RexReg Express and AMS. The book exhibitions continue to demonstrate a true spirit of collaboration within the various units in the library as well as the embodiment of embedded librarianship under the leadership of Ms Molly Kekana. Colleagues really pulled together in organising and participating in this event.

The exhibitions in April and May were a great success despite sharing dates with the Graduation ceremony and Research day. The library is looking forward to many more.


Boitumelo Masilo and Dina Mashiyane
Faculty Librarians: Information Services (Mafikeng)

Mahikeng Library book exhibition

On the 27-31 July the NWU LIS Mahikeng had the pleasure of hosting the 2018 book exhibition.


This exhibition demonstrated a true example of embedded librarianship by taking the library to the faculties.  All the activities were organised in each faculty building which meant that the academics and library staff as well as book suppliers had a chance to interact throughout the day for 3 days.  The following suppliers accepted the invitation and took part in the exhibition:  Vuga Book Supplies, Van Schaik, AMS and Best Books. The participation from academics and students was positive throughout the three days, the DVC also paid a visit.  This initiative enhanced patron driven acquisition as not only academics could select books, but an opportunity was provided to students as well.  The overall turnout was impressive.   Feedback was taken from faculty members as well as students, which would be incorporated in future book exhibitions.

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