Figshare Awareness Week

This week we are launching an awareness campaign for the NWU Figshare repository, DaYta Ya Rona.


Figshare is a web-based interface designed for academic research data management and research data dissemination. Figshare was originally created as a solution to keep research outputs in one tidy place whilst allowing it to be discovered by like-minded individuals: the academic community. It quickly became apparent that others sought such a resource and Figshare opened its doors. Figshare enables academics to upload, share, cite and importantly discover all manner of research outputs with the security of knowing our hosting options and platform support long term preservation of data. Researchers keep control of what and how they share their research data.

Easy steps to upload research on Figshare:

  1. Log in / register
  2. Create a new item OR drag and drop files from your browser
  3. Insert the title
  4. Add authors
  5. Select a category
  6. Select item
  7. Add keywords (as many as needed)
  8. Write a description, be descriptive as you can
  9. Funding can be added
  10. Select a licence

Tick Publish once all the information has been added

Watch the video for more information

For more assistance, please contact your faculty librarian

Upload your Research Data to DaYta Ya Rona

Gerda Beukman: Faculty Librarian

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