LIS involvement in Campus Open Days

openday-2019-1.pngDuring the campus Open Days in May, LIS (Library and Information Services) had the opportunity to be visible and proudly showcased our spaces and services.  After liaising with the NWU Marketing and Student Recruitment Office, all three campus libraries were an integral part of Open Day activities for the first time.  Online applications could be done in the libraries while Admissions staff assisted, and information stalls with the latest LIS marketing material were placed at strategic points in/near the libraries.

Feedback from Potchefstroom staff

LIS staff welcomed prospective students and their parents to the library on Saturday 11 May.  Tarentaal training room and the Information Commons were available as online registration facilities.  The library was a buzz of activity and guests had the opportunity to relax in Ferdi’s coffee shop.  Besembos training room was used by the Theology Faculty to provide information sessions to prospective Theology students.


Vanderbijlpark Library

The NWU Open Day for prospective undergraduate students at the Vaal Triangle Campus, were held on 18 May 2019. LIS grabbed the opportunity to portray the significant role that the library plays in the successfully completion of students’ studies.

An information stall were set up next to the Library entrance. Upon visiting the stall, prospective students were organised into informal groups, before proceeding on an accompanied tour throughout the Library. LIS pamphlets were handed out to undergraduate students as a supportive aid to the tour.  Crossword games were also on offer for students looking for a bit of fun. Lollipops were handed out to the participating game players as a small gesture of appreciation.

Just over 2 000 students visited the Library on the day.


Open day at Mafikeng campus

The Open Day took place on the 25th of May and the library was a central part of it.  The library stall was decorated beautifully and placed strategically next to the ramp that leads to the library. The training room was used as one of the venues to facilitate applications, which gave librarians an opportunity to facilitate library tours to prospective students. Librarians were very helpful in assisting the learners with the application process as some were computer illiterate. It was a great experience as the library had not previously been involved with the open day for undergraduates.

This also gave an opportunity for the current students to engage with librarians and to know more about the services available to them as most indicated that they hardly visit the library. The planning process for the Open Day also enhanced stakeholder relationships with relevant departments in terms of involving the library to be a part of pertinent events of the university in the future.


Contributions by Boitumelo Masilo, Gloria Ramaboea and Martie Esterhuizen.



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