LIS Community Outreach to Sunrise View Primary School


As part of our commitment to community engagement, the NWU LIS donated a library system and book trolley to Sunrise View Primary School in Rustenburg on 27 November 2018.

At the handover meeting, Louise Vos (LIS) provided background of the outreach.  She mentioned that a number of NWU LIS members attended the launch of National Library Week 2017, which was held at Sunrise View Primary School.  Attendees were taken on a tour of the school and the library afterwards.  The LIS staff became aware of the fact that they have a well-run school with a beautiful library and dedicated school librarian.  The missing link was that they did not have a library system.  Therefore no books could be checked out to learners to use outside the library or read at home. LIS management then decided that this school would be a worthy candidate for community outreach.  Should a library system be donated to them, it would be money well spent.

At the handover ceremony:  Mr Robert Basson (LibWin Library Systems), Ms Louise Vos (LIS), Mr Lelaka (Circuit Manager, Dept of Basic Education), Mr Louw Venter (LIS), Ms Lorraine Modise (Principal: Sunrise View Primary School), Mr Martin Nokoane (LIS), Ms Lezanne de Beer (School Librarian) and Mr Lindsay Reid (LIS)

During the handover ceremony on 27 November, Martin Nokoane (LIS) mentioned that the LIS was touched when they met the Sunrise View Primary School librarian in 2017, and saw her passion to help and assist the learners of the school with reading and literacy.  He went on saying that the LIS wants to support reading and promote literacy in the broader community as well.  He also informed the school that it is necessary for the LIS to monitor the impact of the outreach, therefore Sunrise View is now one of the NWU Library partners.  The LIS will continue to work with the school in future to determine the return on investment.

The principal, Ms Lorraine Modise thanked the NWU LIS and gave the assurance that the system would be well utilized.  On behalf of the senior management of the school, she expressed their heartfelt appreciation and enthusiasm to receive the system.  She mentioned that they are very proud of their school librarian, as she was announced provincial winner in the National Teacher of the Year Award in the Category Excellence of Grade R Teaching.   Mr Lelaka (Circuit Manager – Sub District, Department of Basic Education) thanked the LIS for the donation.  He was delighted to hear that, as of the beginning of 2019, the school would be able to issue library books and textbooks on the new Library system.  He also recommended that there must be a period in the timetable for each class for reading on a daily basis in order for learners to become readers.

sunrise-view-community-outreach-6Mr Louw Venter (LIS) confirmed that he had compared different systems and tried to look at a system which would really address the needs of the school, taking into consideration their specific circumstances and requirements. Based on that, he made a recommendation which the school found acceptable.  After the donation, the vendor will provide assistance to the school in terms of technical support and training, to ensure the continued success of this project. Both the NWU LIS and the school were grateful that Mr Robert Basson from Libwin Library Systems was there to show his commitment to this new partnership.

Representing the learners, the Dux Learner of the school, Nira Masira, gave her thoughts on “What my Library means to me”  –  … My library is a place of quietness, wonders and concentration.  My library is a book full of adventures with sub-headings.  The Library is a place of imagination, folk tales, fairy tales, fiction, facts, curiosity, happiness, joy and adventure!  It makes me want to tell the whole world that I have a Library at school…

Dux Learner of the school, Nira Masira




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