IUG-SA Conference November 2017

NWU Library staff attended the annual IUG-SA conference at Pretoria with the theme: Library technology trends: Time for innovation.

The papers and discussions touched upon the following matters:

  • Libraries should create value and become valuable, we should be seen as cost centres instead of valuable centres.
  • Generation thumbs (users who always have their  thumbs on their gadgets) are coming into our territory – are we equipped with necessary skills to assist this generation?  Some institutions have these gadgets and put them available on short term loan.
  • Different institutions shared their experience regarding social media, how they reach their users via social media platforms to promote the relationship between the library and users.  Institutions use different types of social media, depending on their target and environment.  Facebook , twitter, youtube and wikis came up to be the most preferred types of social media.   Social media should be used according to university policy.
  • One institution mentioned that they make use of a calendar, it runs on weekly/monthly basis where they have the opportunity to indicate library events and workshops – clearly visible for users.
  •  The population of statistics on the CHELSA database also came to discussion, as some institutions are not co-operative regarding regular provision of their own statistics.  The statistics assist institutions to benchmark and should be shared from regional to national level.
Staff members from Vanderbijlpark Library attended the conference.

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