We say goodbye to 2 Potchefstroom colleagues:

Corrie Breitenbach

Corrie started her career in the Ferdinand Postma Library at the Reference Section and worked in the library for 34 years.  Her interest and self-education with the operation and management of computers and programs secured her a position in the Research and Development Section in 1993.  She became the manager of the section in 2003, now called Library Systems.  The highlights of her career were the implementation of the Innopac Library System – later called Millennium and today the Sierra System, also the development of the online exam paper database in 1979 and the ETD’s which later resulted in the establishment of the Institutional Repository (Boloka) in 2009.

Corrie’s main goal was to empower staff to be computer literate, and was very pro-active to assist and solve any IT related problems.  She has managed to lead a formidable team in Library Systems.  It was a privilege to work with her.

Mariana Lourens

After 43 years in the library, Mariana is retiring today.  She started working as assistant librarian in the Cataloguing Department at the beginning of 1975.  In 1988 she was promoted to head of the Cataloguing Department.  Mariana played an instrumental role in the computerisation of the library’s card catalogue, and more recently she was project leader of the reclamation project.  Since the start of the project in 2012, more than 90 000 records were updated and upgraded.

Mariana will be remembered for her calmness, knowledge and insight in solving intricate cataloging matters.

We wish them both all the best for the next phase in their life, they will be sorely missed by all.

Corrie and Mariana at the farewell dinner last week.



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