Digital Humanities Conference August 2017


Erika Rood, Manager: Information Services Potchefstroom had the opportunity to attend the Annual Digital Humanities Conference 2017 at the McGill University in Montrèal, Canada. The NWU Research Unit for Languages and Literature in the South African Context provided funding and some of their staff joined her in attending the conference.  The conference was attended by delegates from different disciplines including researchers, lecturers, students, librarians, archivists, computer scientists, statisticians and academic administrators.

DHASA (Digital Humanities Association of Southern Africa) also joined the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) during this conference.

The program included 17 workshops, about 100 sessions, 2 poster sessions with more than 100 posters and during lunch Special Interest Group meetings (eg. DH and Libraries).

Some of the issues discussed were privacy, visualisation software, decolonization and DH methodologies and projects. The closing keynote address delivered by Elizabeth Guffey aptly examined issues of disability and access -Access being the theme of DH2017.

The insight gained from attending this conference will add to the growing interest and knowledge needed to support Digital Humanities Initiatives at the NWU.

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