The changing role of Libraries

On 14 June 2017 Ms Zine Sapula and Mr Louw Venter attended a UniVen eScience benchmarking visit to speak about the role that NWU libraries are playing to support and enable research in eScience enabled institution. Ms Sapula gave a presentation which touched on the trends in the library environment, current practices at the NWU libraries, reskilling of librarians and the library as research enabler and partner in eScience.


The format of the event was a round table discussion with attendees asking questions during the presentation. Questions of interest were:

  • Where are the overlaps between the Library and the Research Office?
  • What is the work-flow for getting items (ETDs) to the Library (for repository)?
  • How does NWU library support Postgraduate students?
  • How many computers does the library have for Postgraduate students?
  • How does the library provide access to e-resources to off-campus students? Are there any passwords?

Topics which arose from the conversation was:

  • Funders requirements / Open access policies
  • ORCiD

Article written by: Zine Sapula & Louw Venter


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