ORCID Workshop in Pretoria – 19 July 2016

Convened by NRF in partnership with NEDICC and ORCID, the aim of the workshop was to show how ORCID has/can be integrated into the Research Lifecycle. There were many presenters in this workshop but what stood out for us was the presentation by Ms Marie Roux from Stellenbosch University (SU). Her presentation was about how a library has assistance in the integration of ORCID into the University research lifecycle. Marie advises that any university that is thinking of  integrating ORCID into the research lifecycle should involve their IT department from the very beginning for better technical assistance. At SU, assistance with ORCID is seen as a library function and therefore ownership rests with the library.

In terms of promotion of ORCID, SU are using the following methods:

·        ORCID LibGuide.

·        ORCID Workshops – 4 times a year

·        ORCID Information sheet developed

·        ORCID Brochure developed

·        Marketing and promotion of ORCID in the division for research development newsletter – to all researchers on Campus.

Since our University already has a subscription to ORCID it will prudent upon us to adopt some of the strategies to promote ORCID on our respective Campuses. We have an ally in Ms Roux who has offered to share notes with any other university in South Africa that seeks to integrate ORCID into the research lifecycle. The uptake for ORCID at SU has been rather impressive with  at least 24% of academic staff having created profiles so far.


Article written by Siviwe Bangani and Vuyo Ngayeka (seen in photo above).


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