Emerald Author Workshop

NWU Library Services and the Research Office Hold Emerald Author Workshop in Mafikeng

Held on Monday, 06 June 2016, the aim of the workshop was to assist researchers to get published  specifically with Emerald. A total of 33 researchers attended the workshop. The workshop was facilitated by Mr Sibu Zondi from Emerald. Among the topics discussed were the publishing processes, targeting accredited journals, co-authorship, structuring your paper, dealing with rejection, measuring quality and advice for upcoming researchers on how they can tap into the experiences of established researchers to also get themselves published. The presentation focused on publishing journal articles and books. Some established researchers requested for information on how they could publish books. Mr Zondi informed participants that in order to publish books they would need to contact him and he would forward all the information. The established researchers were further advised to apply to Emerald if they were keen to be reviewers for any of their journals. Furthermore, researchers could contact Emerald if they wanted to establish a journal or if they wanted to have a special issue for a conference. Towards the end of the workshop, Mr Zondi, announced two research funds by Emerald aimed at promoting research in Africa. These are: African Management Research Fund Award for best papers published with Emerald and the 2016 Emerald/AABS Case Study Competition for case studies published with Emerald. Closing dates for researchers to apply are 01 April 2017 and 15 March 2017, respectively.

Judging by the level of engagement during the workshop, Mr Zondi, managed to keep his audience captivated.


Mr Sibu Zondi makes a point during the “Getting published with Emerald” Workshop

Article written by Siviwe Bangani


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