Information Literacy Treasure Hunt: 5 March 2016


South African Library Week (11 – 21 March) was kicked off by the Library Services, Potchefstroom Campus with a treasure hunt on 5 March under the guidance of Sonja van der Westhuizen (Librarian: Undergraduate Support). The information literacy treasure hunt forms part of an ongoing information literacy awareness campaign which commenced in 2015 amongst undergraduate students. The 48 Academic House Committee members and Student Representatives of the various Faculties, were divided into teams of four. In order to assess the information literacy skills of the contestants, each team had to accomplish eight tasks that also included using the Library Catalogue, scientific journal databases and the use of reference works.   Prizes (sponsored by the Library) were awarded to the first three teams that successfully completed the treasure hunt.


Although it was a fun event for all involved, the event also had a more serious intention. It formed part of an awareness and support campaign for those individuals on campus and in the community suffering from cancer. The guest of honour was the six-year old Jacques Estherhuizen. His family was willing to share their story. Each team wore a different color bow to represent a specific type of cancer that was explained in an information leaflet handed out to contestants. After the event, a member of the Executive Academic Committee of the Student Council remarked that: “It is very important that the Student Council: Academic Affairs annually builds a good relationship with the Library to support them in making students aware of the sources available to undergraduate students”. It is a privilege for the Library Information Commons to have fun with the undergraduate students we support.


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