Services for the Disabled at the Ferdinand Postma Library

The Ferdinand Postma Library and the Unit for Students with Disabilities (USWD) are working together to enable students with disabilities to experience ease of access to library and information services. The USWD has made four computers available that the Library will use to assist students with disabilities to access information resources and to support their academic activities. The Library supports the full integration of students with disabilities into the University and has therefore made these computers available in the Information Commons. Helpdesk staff is on hand to assist students in all their information needs, i.e. accessing the online databases,  catalogue searches etc. The USWD will provide the necessary software and once it has been installed the “Hub” will be fully functional. At present ZoomText and Microsoft Narrator are available.

Disabled services
The new “Hub” in the Information Commons was introduced on Casual Day, Friday 4 September 2015. From right to left: Elsa Esterhuizen (Director: PC Library), Blanch Carolus (Head: Unit for Students with Disabilities) and Louise Vos (Manager: Information Service)

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